What is Visual Art?

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What is Visual Art? Is It Different From Real Art?

Visual Art is the mixture of three or more visual activities and presentation. Visual art has been around since the start of artistic creation. The oldest form of visual arts is the painting, a lot of which can be found in Museums today. It was said that Leonardo da Vinci was considered to be the first person to use a camera to take simple paintings.

Over time various other cultures developed their own versions of the art form and those that followed were sometimes referred to as the "flair of visual arts". Examples of these include the Chinese painting, the Japanese sculpting, the Indian embroidery and the Chinese calligraphy. Each of these art forms have some similarities as well as differences. Some of the most famous visual arts are still being practiced today. These include the still life, the portrait and the canvas.

One branch of visual art that has grown very much over the years is Computer Art. This type of art is different from traditional painting because it incorporates the use of computers to help create the artwork. Computer art is mainly done with the use of computer software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or Paint Shop Pro. Software is often used to blend digital and conventional drawing. A good example of such software is Photoshop.

The last branch of visual arts is consecutively numbered in the category of fine arts. The term fine arts actually refers to the collection of drawings and paintings that have specific guidelines of quality and standards. The examples of this would be Impressionism, Monet and Chappe. These works are highly collectible and are normally quite expensive.

All the three branches of visual arts have been around for ages. However, they each have a particular feature that sets them apart from one another. For instance, painting usually involves using a brush to create a painting while sculpture usually involves the use of some sort of medium to allow you to see the finished product. And visual arts such as sculpture and painting are also an attempt to express yourself through the creative medium. In other words, when you look at a painting, you are trying to figure out how the work of art has been made while when you look at a sculpture, you are trying to figure out what the creator was trying to get across with his art.

The main article painting is an attempt to provide an introduction to all three main branches of visual arts. It will hopefully encourage you to further your knowledge on these fields and hopefully become an artist someday. As for the article on sculpture, you can find many more articles on this subject that will give you the basics. If you are still not convinced about the greatness of these three mediums, perhaps you should try reading the main article painting.

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