Want to See Our World without Water?

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Why Would Anybody Want To See Our World Without Water?

Do you want to see our whole planet without water? Does the fact that we are one of the only planets in the solar system with liquid water appeal to you? Does the thought of sending robotic probes into deep space to bring back images of watery scenes you have never seen? If so, you're not alone.

Want to See Our World without Water Now You Can

It is becoming increasingly clear that, without water, life on earth cannot exist. Many experts are now predicting that, in the next 50 years or so, no living things will be able to survive outside of a water-filled environment. Of course, the scope of life on Earth is much greater than water, and the lack of oxygen in Earth's oceans is helping to explain many of our planet's strange geology. But even though we may never find life on Mars or the other planets, the discovery of hydrocarbon fossils like those found in Canada'sault banks and Texas oil wells give scientists some hope. Just consider all of the ways you could live on a water planet.

When you consider how much water you would need for a standard human being, it becomes clear that, without ocean water, no life would be possible. The amount of fresh water needed by plant life in order to grow would be staggering. And what about animal life? Just think of all of the different types of fish, amphibians and reptiles that could thrive if there was enough fresh water all around them.

The Earth's soil holds much of the water that would be necessary for human beings to survive. Soil that remains arid through the seasons may even contain enough water for plant life to flourish. And of course, we would need to drink water from rivers and lakes, whether it was clean and pure or not. Without water, many living things simply would not exist.

We cannot see our world without water; at least, not entirely. But science is making incredible leaps and bounds in discovering what we can see and smell. We learned recently that water does have an odor, and that our own nose does pick up on the water we breathe. This is a fact that scientists have been studying for years.

So if you are asking yourself "why would anybody want to see our world without water?" the answer might surprise you. There might be a great deal more that you would want to see if you had all of that water available to you. Now that you have learned about all of the wonderful things that water can do, you may want to learn more about the other types of water that our planet is composed of.

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