The worst fashion disasters in fiction

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The worst fashion disasters in fiction

The worst fashion disasters in fiction are those things that just literally happen. The author doesn't build the plot to make it happen, and oftentimes the worst possible thing happens and the protagonist reacts as if he or she expected it. It's not the author's fault, of course-it's just bad writing.

Some of the worst happenings in media include: Princess Leia in Star Wars, The Joker in Dark Knight, Neo in The Matrix, and Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Princess Leia is almost killed by an avalanche of ice in A New Hope. The Joker breaks out of his mental institution, breaks into a fancy nightclub, and steals millions of dollars from the bank. Neo breaks out of a mental hospital, and is chased across the city by Neo's killer robot, all while superhotshot FBI agent John Blake tries to save the world.

The worst fashion disaster, however, occurs in an alternate timeline in which Princess Leia Organa is married to the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. After her wedding, Princess Leia Organa has a son, Luke Skywalker, who she barely sees on the surface of the planet. When she returns to her home, she discovers that the planet has been destroyed. This is arguably worse than having your love interest dies in childbirth, I'd say.

One of the most infamous examples of a terrible fashion disaster would have to be Star Wars. The original Star Wars films featured plenty of amazing clothing styles, but none of them was quite as ridiculous and awful as the Jawas. The Jawas, who sport orange vinyl bands that resemble the Tuskegee Trench coat worn by an African-American civil rights leader during the 1960s, were a terrible invention, even for a Star Wars film.

The most notable accessory the Jawas wore was their orange shirts that were splattered with yellow. The style has become a staple of terrible sci-fi fashion, even spawning an entire line of clothing based around it. The Jawas' terrible style does not escape the eyes of the adults who have seen the movie, either. For this reason, The Phantom Menace is ranked as the most embarrassing science fiction movie ever.

The costumes from The Phantom Menace are a perfect example of how a costume should never be "trendy". They are tacky and over-the-top, and they completely miss the mark when it comes to ruining a classic costume. If you are going to dress up as a character from a popular movie that everyone remembers, you must make sure you are making an effort to dress in an appropriate manner. Sci-fi clothing is all about being original and taking risks with your costumes. That is exactly what The Phantom Menace did. Avoiding the craziest fashion disasters in fiction is simply a matter of knowing which costumes are silly and over-the-top and which ones are truly outrageous.

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