SpaceX's Spacecraft Explodes Again

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Next? SpaceX's Spacecraft Explodes Again

There was a report circulating that SpaceX's Spacecraft has had another failure within the last 24 hours. This comes at a time when many are blaming this failure on the United States, which is directly involved in maintaining and protecting the space infrastructure of the United States. The report states that another potential problem is with the fuel leak "which may have caused an explosion during the second attempt of landing the Dragon". Many are now speculating that if this explosion happened during a critical mission of the United States; which could be very devastating to our nation; that it may lead to the US pulling out of the program. This would indeed be a very devastating blow to our space program.

This is indeed unfortunate for the Spacecraft Company, as it is one of the few remaining hold-down and low-orbital vehicles in operation today. In fact, this is one of only two working expendable launch vehicles in the entire world today, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months and years. If SpaceX can do it, they will have found another way to land their crewed mission and bring it back to Earth successfully. Unfortunately, right now the future is bleak for the Hawthorne, California based Spacecraft Company.

There are many factors that may have contributed to the latest failure, including the fact that the vehicle did not receive a "cold-water" check-out to make sure everything was alright prior to launch. The other possible reason could be that the flow in the fuel lines was incorrect, or the oxygen feed-off pipe was obstructed in some way. Both of these issues could have led to catastrophic failure if they had happened during flight. Also, there were many checks and balances in place in the spacecraft to prevent such failures in the future. However, all of those things still have to happen in order to achieve success; and it appears that the check-ups and balances never took place.

Other potential reasons for the failed landing might include the positioning of the landing gear. Either it was not placed to the right position, or it was not pointed in the right direction, which is something that all engineers and NASA experts know well. Something like this could have lead to a catastrophic loss of life on Mars, or at least an extended space mission.

If these factors are going to be used as a basis for preventing similar failures in the future, then all of America's best and brightest scientists and engineers should stand up and take notice. We depend on our astronauts to make sure that we reach our destination. If we fail to do so, then we are sending a very clear message to the public that we are incapable of doing the job. And if that public doesn't believe us, then that is going to have a negative effect on our space program. That means less funding, less ability to launch future astronauts, and that will ultimately mean less Americans in space.

Hopefully, someone within NASA will take this matter into their hands, because it is very important for us to reduce the risk to the American public. The taxpayers pay for NASA to send people into space, and we need to do our part on the ground to help them do so. If the next time your Spacecraft Explodes, it's due to some "design flaw," then you might want to start looking for another job.

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