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New Think Dirty Apk Download

New Think Dirty Apk Download

Think Dirty is the very best manner to learn about the doubtlessly poisonous elements in your cosmetics and private care merchandise. It’s an impartial supply that allows you to examine products as you store. Just experiment the product barcode and Think Dirty will provide you with easy-to-recognize information at the product, tune grimy components and store for cleanser alternatives

• Barcode Scanning: over 350,000 cosmetics and personal care products majority from Canada and the U.S. Are currently in our database.

• Dirty Meter® a comprehensive score is given, along with detailed (however smooth-to-apprehend) facts on substances, certifications, and health affects.

• My Bathroom Rating: maintain tune of what’s already on your rest room. Learn your current rest room rating, and track your development on “cleansing” it up.

• Shopping lists: store products to make shopping quicker and simpler.

Last Think Dirty Apk Full

Com or Amazon.Ca

• UPC Submission: Are we lacking a product? Scan and submit a barcode for us to investigate. For registered users who submitted merchandise, we thank you and could notify you as soon as they’re in our database.

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As a small group, we are working diligently to house the overwhelmingly high-quality amount of users submissions (especially from our EU users) to our database.

We recognize positive comments. Please email us at questions@thinkdirtyapp.Com if you have remarks or suggestions.

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