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New Money Manager (Remove Ads) Apk Download

New Money Manager (Remove Ads) Apk Download

“Money Manager” is an optimized application for private asset control.

※ PC manager characteristic
You can view ‘“Money Manager” software the use of Wi-Fi. You can edit and kind the records by means of date, category or account organization on the display screen of your PC. In addition, you may see fluctuations in your accounts indicated on graphs on your PC.

※ Applying double entry bookkeeping
It allows green asset management. It does no longer just document your money coming inside and outside of your account but deposits your cash into your account as quickly as your earnings is enter and attracts money out of your account as soon as your fee is enter.

※ Budget control feature
You can control your finances. It indicates your finances and price by way of a graph so that you can see the amount of your cost in opposition to your finances quickly.

※ Card / Debit Card control feature
Entering a settlement date, you can see the charge quantity and great price at the asset tab.

Last Money Manager (Remove Ads) Apk Full

※ Passcode
You can take a look at passcode so you can appropriately manipulate your account ebook.

※ Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function
Transfer between assets is feasible, which makes your asset management greater efficient. In addition, you may manage your salary, coverage, time period deposit, and mortgage more easily by using putting automated transfer and recurrence.

※ Instant records
Based at the information entered, you could immediately see your fee by means of category and changes among every month. And you may see the trade to your property and profits/rate indicated by way of a graph as nicely.

※ Bookmark feature
You can without difficulty enter your frequent rate by means of bookmarking them.

※ Backup / Restore
You can make and think about backup documents in Excel document and backup/restore is feasible.
Google Drive backup is supported.

※ Other features
– Change of starting date
– Calculator feature (Amount

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