Investing in Dogecoin

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Investing in Dogecoin

Dogecoin is currently one of the fastest-growing forms of virtual currency. Dogecoin is simply an upgraded variation on the currency that was previously known as the Doge, which is the currency of the Jamaican Bobtail. Dogecoin was designed as an upgrade to the currency used by the Jamaica bobsled team during the Olympic games of 2004. At the time, the currency was designed to serve as a virtual reward for individuals who participated in this Olympic event.


Today, the Dogecoin that was used for the Olympic event is called "Dogecoin". Dogecoin's mission is to become a superior and fungible Cryptocash that can be easily transferred and stored online without worrying about exchange rate issues. Dogecoin's most outstanding feature is its near-instant transaction execution. Unlike other forms of Cryptocash that take days or even weeks to settle, Dogecoin gets instant confirmation because of its high speed and low cost transaction fees.

As mentioned before, Dogecoin has had a lot of issues since its inception. In early 2011, the Dogecoin Foundation was formed in order to deal with Dogecoin problems, such as dealing with D-Day fraud and the lack of Dogecoin retailers. The foundation soon took the Dogecoin brand name and applied it to a new virtual currency called the Cuban convertible dollar (convertible dollars). The new Dogecoin did not receive great reviews from either the community or the media, mostly because of its high markup rates and lack of functionality. Even though there was no long-term Dogecoin problems, the Foundation was dissolved shortly afterward along with the brand name.

In light of these issues, many people have considered Dogecoin to be nothing more than a joke among the crypto coin community. While this may be partially true, some facets of Dogecoin pique the interest of individuals interested in learning about different forms of Crypto cash. For instance, the joke that Dogecoin started out as a joke. Even though Dogecoin was just a short time ago, its impact has been tremendous due to the wide variety of people that have adopted it as their standard currency. Many people do not understand how important marketing can be to successful Crypto cash currencies, and the joke does not seem like a big deal when taken in its entirety.

Dogecoin's value as a viable alternate to the existing global currencies has also pushed its joke status to an all time high. Dogecoin has been able to capitalize on the interest in the "lord royal jelly" Meme, which originated in a British blog post. Dogecoin has capitalized on the image of a "lord jedi knight" by transforming the image into a Dogecoin image, complete with a wallet, a robe, a sword, and a well toned mane. Many who are unfamiliar with the Dogecoin logo recognize the image of the Shiba Inu dog in a red hat, a mascot for Shiba, a popular Japanese pet food manufacturer. So the Shiba Inu became Dogecoin's latest marketing plan, and is the reason why the value of Dogecoin has increased from a joke to a mainstream trend.

If you're looking to invest in Dogecoin, the best way to do so is to buy Dogecoin ETF, or to convert your regular investment funds into Dogecoin. Many brokerages offer these services, and if they don't they will most likely find another service to offer. Dogecoin is very cheap when compared to other major currencies, so you can easily set up a profitable investment vehicle for yourself with little risk involved. Many people invest in other lesser known forms of currencies, but do so at their own risk, so take advantage of a low risk investment and enjoy Dogecoin. With the Dogecoin image making a comeback as the new money, getting involved with the cryptocash will be a fun experience.

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