How to Make Shawarma - A Middle Eastern Recipe

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How to Make Shawarma - A Middle Eastern Recipe

Cooking chicken shawarma is a classic Middle Eastern appetizer that showcases the exotic marinade of the region. The ingredients are simple enough and just as tasty, but with so many different variations, there can be a variety of tastes for everyone. For chicken shawarma, use ground spices or whole cloves, both work well. Chicken Shawarma Spice Ingredients: For this authentic recipe, use flavorful boneless, skinless chicken, as chicken thighs tend to be juicier and more tender.

Place the chicken shawarma recipe on a skewer, either single or double, and cook to perfection on each side. To ensure a crunchy, golden finish, sprinkle with lemon slices. Lemon gives the outside of the chicken extra zest while providing an incredible amount of flavor. Parsley and mint can also be added to the recipe in small amounts, though don't use too much. The combination of herbs, garlic, and lemon provides a delicious, natural sweetness to middle eastern recipes. This natural sweetness makes middle eastern foods even more delicious.

Another popular ingredient in the middle eastern flavors is ground cumin. It can be ground after the marinade to add even more flavor. The combination of allspice and cumin provides a warm and spicy flavor that pairs nicely with the chicken shawarma recipe. If you wish to add a bit of heat to your dish, remember to leave out the tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce. These sauces can sometimes make the dish too spicy for even the pickiest eater.

While leaving out these key ingredients, you may choose to use other spices instead. An example is to replace the tomato paste in the marinade with Rosemary. If Rosemary isn't available in your area, you could try tarragon, garlic, or oregano. All of these spices will give a delicious flavor to the dish, but each has a different way of enhancing the main ingredients found in the recipe.

When making the recipe for chicken shawarma, it is important to have a thin cutting board prepared. Using a non-stick or non-marinaded one will help protect your shawarma from getting stuck to the marinade as you cook it. You can also thaw it on the coals of your grill if you wish to have something that's a little more authentic. Another way to prepare this Middle Eastern recipe is to make sure that you marinate your shawarma mixture right beforehand. This will give the marinade the time it needs to penetrate and infuse flavors into the meat creating a delicious and healthy snack.

One more thing to note about the Middle Eastern recipe for Chicken Shawarma is that you can always substitute other types of sausages for the Shawarma if you cannot find the lamb. This would be fine if the recipe for Shawarma wasn't exactly the same as the pita bread that goes with it. The pita bread must have the same thickness as the shawarma; otherwise, the meat would fall through the bread, making it difficult to mix the two together. For something different, you can try substituting lean beef for the lamb. That way, you can still use the excellent spices that add to the taste of the Shawarma, while at the same time get the protein that is so vital to the growing baby Muslim children.

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