French Open 2021 Novak Djokovic outlasts Stefanos Tsitsipas for 19th Grand Slam title

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French Open - Stefanos Tsitsipas beats Novak Djokovic For His 21st Grand slam title

The French Open has long been a well-guarded secret in the world of professional tennis. It is an open and televised event, meaning only the top players and top coaching staff are privy to the secrets that go behind making these great trophies. However, until now the exact order of events has not been revealed. The first set was absolutely played out in what seemed like a clash between two evenly matched competitors, with the match going into the breakdown utterly. In the second set, the set went to the setter's side, and while it took a break down for the first time it eventually broke up with both players having a clear point.

The third set saw Tsitsipas once again break down and this time it was even. Novak Djokovic then went on a spectacular run, winning six consecutive matches on his way to another French Open title. The Greek's aura during the locker room celebrations may have been considered the defining moment of the tournament, but the manner in which Tsitsipas lost the set and the subsequent tie was as devastating. It took Djokovic just over two minutes to lose the set in what was supposed to be a walkover.

This was the year when the Greeks came of age. Tsitsipas was a twenty four-year-old playing at the peak of his powers. He had never won important Wimbledon singles finals match before, and the French Open was supposed to be his stepping stone to the big leagues. As it turns out, his dream match with Djokovic was nothing more than a flash in the pan. Tsitsipas lost the set 6-7(5-6), losing his first set and forcing Djokovic into a defeat he should have won by more. The match turned into a cage match, and from that point on the match was not even remotely close.

This does not mean that Tsitsipas did not deserve to win this match. In fact he played a magnificent match, beating an opponent who for all his years in tennis had never reached the semi final of the Championships. It is fair to say that the French Open was not the best of his career. However, the disappointment he felt at being eliminated in the first round by the age of 25 was by no means a crippling blow to him.

It would be an unfair comparison to say that the defeat ruined Djokovic. He fought back to win the next two sets and even reached the quarter finals. There is no doubt though that without this defeat, he very well may not have made it to the semi final. It may not have been the most thrilling of matches but to beat someone who has been at the top of the game for so long is as good as anything.

The pair finished level on set points and it was the Russian who eventually ended up winning the match. Tsitsipas seemed to be moving into uncharted waters with his performances at the French Open, but this was not the fault of his partner. Djokovic demonstrated his skill throughout the match, while Tsitsipas was unable to match the Serb's high standard of play. The final set was just as close as any set he has played in his tennis career. It was a match which simply had to go to the deciding set, and once again, Djokovic delivered.

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