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Free A Dance of Fire and Ice 2022

Free A Dance of Fire and Ice 2022

A dance of fire and ice is a easy one-button rhythm game. Keep your awareness as you guide two orbiting planets down a direction with out breaking their ideal equilibrium.

its pretty hard to explain, however you need to play the free on line version on a desktop laptop first if you are not certain you’ll experience this sport!


– 20 worlds, each introducing new shapes and rhythms. What do triangles, octagons or squares sound like? Each world has its personal specific hand-drawn fantasy panorama, and has short academic stages accompanied by way of a complete-period boss stage.

– submit-sport demanding situations: velocity trials for each world and blisteringly speedy bonus levels for the courageous.

New A Dance of Fire and Ice Apk download

– calibration options: auto-calibration and guide calibration. This is a precise rhythm recreation, so please use your ears extra than your eyes while gambling.

caution: this is a hard rhythm game. Now not inside the feel of note-spamming – for the most component you simply want to hold a regular beat – however preserving a beat is not very easy. So dont fear if you find it difficult!

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