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Association football, also called just football or simply football, is a typical team sport played by a spherical ball with two teams of eleven players. It is the most popular sport in the world, playing a vital role in cultural development throughout most of Europe. This game is usually played between teams that belong to different professional leagues, such as the English Premier League, The Barclays Premier League, The FA Cup, The FA Championship, The Scottish Premier League and The Irish Premier League. These leagues have their own rules regarding the formation and scheduling of matches and may also have particular rules governing the wearing of uniforms. Professional and amateur players usually play for their country or team.

The history of football can be traced back to the middle ages when it was a game played between groups of soldiers. The game was not much concerned with rules and there were no artificial substitutes during the game. In those times only two teams participated in a match and there were no protective pads or even goal posts to keep the ball in play. This was not much different from the game played today.

Over time the game has developed into what we see today, where there are referees who keep track of the ball's movement, an artificial turf and even cameras to allow extra-time decisions on goals. Football now includes elements of offense and defense, with the offensive to try to score more points and the defensive trying to prevent the scorers from scoring. A touchdown is the point made by the football itself after a pass by one team. A goal is the value of a point scored by the defensive team and/or the offense if the two are of equal level.

The scoring system used in the United States in regular season and championship games is based on the number of points allowed. Each team is assigned a point value and these numbers are added up for each point made by the offense or defense. The official score card shows the final point total for both teams at the end of the game. The last team standing is the winner. Unlike basketball and baseball, where a win results in a win, a soccer victory is measured by the scorers and not the outcome of the game.

The standard football rules are quite different from other sports and the rules for a particular game may differ slightly from the standard set by the organizers. The rules for football state that any forward motion of the ball which would have allowed a kick on the floor in basketball or baseball cannot be made on the goal line. A throw-in is defined as "a player entering the field from the touchline but not from the penalty line". In football this terminology is used to describe a reception by the receiver who did not come into the field from the touchline. Touchbacks is scored whenever a forward passes in front of a receiver who came into the field from the backside. Touchbacks are also scored when a team member receives a kick while out of bounds.

Today, football is a very popular sport around the world, with millions of people enjoying the game. As a result, many people have become keen fans of football matches and football kits. Fans will follow their favorite team wherever they go and some even travel far overseas to watch matches. For these fans, collecting and preserving football items such as football-themed merchandise is an important hobby.

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