Do Scientists Think Differently?

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Do Scientists Think Differently? 

Some people might say that scientists are not "doing" something, but I beg to differ. Science is a process that humans have adapted to over time. While it was not always like that, we have always worked very hard to make sure science is what it is today. It is the result of accumulated knowledge from observation and experimentation.

If one were to ask "do scientists think different?" or "what is the meaning of life?" it would seem that the answer would be different for each person. To some, life is nothing more than an evolutionary process; to others, it is the accumulation of all that has been, is, and will be. Still others would say it is faith in a Creator as the reason we are here.

When someone was asked the question "Do animals have feelings?". they might answer yes; they might also give a definition of animal according to their belief system. But then, what about plants and bacteria? Do they have feelings?

Some would say that plants and animals are simple animals that are evolving to survive the harshness of the planet we live in. There are many theories on the evolution of life. Some believe that it is random natural selection. Others believe that it is survival of the fittest, and those that can adapt and overcome the challenges of the planet, will survive. Science has shown that there is a lot of diversity within species, and that is the starting place for diversity in our world.

This brings us to the question "What is the meaning of life?" Science says it is an experiment that determines if an organism is viable or not. When this test is conducted, there is no guarantee the organism will stay alive, but it does have a better chance if it is kept alive. It is part of the scientific process. In future years; science will be able to better explain to us what is possible, and what is not. We will be able to watch it evolve from its 'beginnings, all the way through its future to the point where it will become extinct.

When we think of the future, it means different things to different people. To me, it means getting into a space ship to travel to another planet, or perhaps finding another way to live underground. Science fiction authors write about these things, as well as possible solutions to such problems. We should all be careful with our thoughts and continue to study the stars and explore space. Only through investigation will we learn what will be the next big discovery, and what will be going on in our future.

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