Baked Halibut Recipe

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Baked Halibut Recipe - A Healthy, Tasty Source of Fish Food

The easiest Baked Halibut Recipe is quick to prepare, easy to clean up and mouthwatering week night dinner paired with colorful salad or vegetables. This is a popular way to cook Halibut at the oven. What exactly is Halibut and in what way do you cook it? Halibut is excellent species of flatfish native to the cold waters of Alaska, Canada and the northern Russia. It is well known for its fatty, sweet and succulent flavor.

While the taste may be somewhat delicate due to the presence of raw, fatty meat, the combination of sweet marinades and sauces provide a unique flavor. Typically, halibut comes coated in flour or bread crumbs before being breaded, then coated again in flour to seal in the flavor, before being topped with a sweet, salty or acidic sauce. Some restaurants have begun to offer halibut patty that has the meat baked inside the fish. These patties are available in many varieties, but are more common in fish assortments than fresh, whole fillets.

If you want to make this recipe even simpler, just substitute lemon juice, white wine or another vinegar for the marinade. Lemon juice is a natural neutralizer that works wonderfully with any fish, especially fresh fish, providing a balance of flavors. White wine adds a subtle but powerful flavor, while a vinegar solution like mayonnaise adds a tangy, buttery flavor to the baked halibut recipe. You can season to taste, but I personally use lemon juice, white wine and mayonnaise for my recipe.

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