American Dream

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American Dream

The American Dream is about freedom and mobility. It is an idea that is universal. It is about success and never settling for less. It is an idea that says that you can go as far as you want in life. And it is possible to achieve the American Dream. In today's world with all of the opportunities that there are to go and to do, why would anyone stay in a country where they do not have the freedoms to go and to do the things that they want to?

The American Dream is a basic and idealistic philosophy which has inspired many writers, poets and thinkers. The American Dream is basically the notion that the state should protect every citizen's right to pursue his or her own idea of personal happiness. The state supports you right to pursue what makes you feel good about yourself. Unlike other countries, you aren't expected to follow your family line.

For many working class and young people in this country, that is just not possible. They understand that the American dream isn't possible without the privilege of going to school and getting a good job in order to be able to buy the things that they want. That is why a lot of working class and young people feel frustrated and hopeless because they do not see any rainbow of possibilities in the future. This frustration and lack of hope have created a mass of support for some of the more radical and far-out ideas of the last several years.

Some people, specifically younger people, want to live a simpler, less complicated life. They crave simplicity, and they want to make the American dream a reality. They believe that by getting a better education, by getting a better job, and by believing that they can achieve better lives, they will be able to live that better life. In order to do that, however, they must believe that they can actually make the American dream a reality.

Many dads are enamored with the American dream because their fathers managed to make it all the way to the top. Unfortunately, far too many men in this country do not have dads who can make it to the top. Many young people in this country don't have dads who are willing to pull them up when they fall and give them the support that they need to keep going. Dads matter. If your dad's not where you think he should be, start putting more effort into making your future, both your financial and your emotional future, a little bit better.

You can have an American dream, even if your dad never got to the top and is stuck living off of whatever he can find. It takes going to work every day and making an effort to become successful, and most of all, it takes having the confidence to believe that you can. Your attitude is everything. If you're not willing to put the work in to achieve it, then you won't be able to attain it.

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