7 Facts You Didn't Know About Squirrels

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7 Facts You Didn't Know About Squirrels

One of the many fascinating facts about squirrels that fascinate most people is the fact that they have the ability to remember. Unlike dogs and cats, squirrels are not born with this trait. It must be gained through a process of repetition. Learning is an ongoing process and nothing is ever learned in a one-time way. In order to remember, the squirrel must be exposed to a variety of things over his or her lifetime, and it takes a very long time before the animal actually learns anything.

7 Facts You Didnt Know About Squirrels Memory

Another interesting fact about squirrels is that their memories are quite similar to humans. A squirrel's memory is in fact as good as a human's. They can remember names, where they've been, how they've gotten there, where they're going, how long they've been standing there, and so forth. Although many people believe that they are indeed "lazy" animals, it has been scientifically proven that squirrels are incredibly active animals. They spend countless hours running around.

If you want to get creative, one great fact about squirrels that you may not know is that they are capable of learning to use tools. Although this may sound a bit strange at first, it has been proven time again. For example, if you drop a ball on a tree branch, your pet squirrel will eventually be able to retrieve it without you having to break a sweat. A few other great facts about squirrels include their ability to learn new tricks and actions. You can purchase a squirrel behavior book for under $20 at virtually any retail store. Once you learn a few tricks, you can show your friends and family members.

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