Rainbow Clouds in Space?

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Rainbow Clouds in Space Its Really a Thing!

Is it possible to see Rainbow Clouds in Space? NASA scientists claim they have evidence that there is a planet orbiting the very edge of the solar system. That planet could be called "Rockets". In all likelihood, if we ever find a way to visit that space "room", we will have found a whole new world.

Why would a Space Beard predict such a thing? Many believe this is because the force of gravity cannot push clouds into a sky. Thus, what we see as clouds on the ground must be pulled up or down by some other mechanism. Perhaps, there are no clouds there. That is the strongest hypothesis, but not one everyone is buying.

Is it possible to see rainbow colors from the International Space Station? Some claim to have spotted such an occurrence. Unfortunately, we were not there at the time. I have a feeling the NASA folks were more interested in looking for something worthy of capturing and studying than spotting a rainbow. Yet, photos of these "bowsling" clouds do appear on the Internet.

Do Angels exist in space? Some claim so. Some even say the souls of those who passed away have somehow been placed there by NASA in a stupendous mission. This seems to be a fringe theory that does not make much sense, but it can't be classified as either "good" or "bad".

Does it really exist? Although there has been some incontrovertible evidence, there is not a shred of solid scientific data that says it does. Although there has been a lot of theories about the nature of rainbows, whether there are actual clouds present, and what sort of planet they are (probably a gas giant, like Earth), nothing is for sure. There has been some speculation that the observed "rainbow clouds" are not really rainbows at all but rather ice clouds, or ice crystals that have accumulated together in large numbers, much like cumulus clouds on Earth.

So, is there a chance that we may one day see rainbow clouds in space? Sure it does. Who knows maybe sometime in the future we will be able to see it with the naked eye, or better yet, capture it on film and study it. Who knows, perhaps mankind will recognize this as a natural phenomenon sometime in the future.

There is also the matter of manned space flight. Do you think it might someday be possible to fly into space and find out if there are clouds up there? Or would it be too difficult to do, and we would spend our time looking at the stars, instead? It seems it would be an incredibly difficult task, and very few people want to go that far into space. And of course it would be prohibitively expensive, and quite frankly I am not sure we have the technology to make it happen anytime soon.

There is an interesting article by a theoretical physicist who claims to have proof that the rainbow cloud theory is correct. It is called Space Weathering, and it can be found online at the Science and Space blog. It is an interesting article, and it might just change the way we view space weather. If it is true, then it is proof that the theory of neutral, evenly dispersed space dust is correct. Perhaps next time a rainbow appears in space, we will have evidence to support or disprove this.

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